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The End of The Republic

Edit: This is not an official closure post. That will be released on March 29th.

*Special thanks to Fluffy Sheep, Sai, Meme, Lolly, and Posy for helping 122344a invite an astounding amount of individuals to this reunion*

Hello, for the first time in awhile, but for the last time, AR.

Today we logged on to Toboggan to invade it for the last time from SWAT. It is now ours forever, as today is the last day AR is alive. With the shut down of Club Penguin, we figured we would invade our prized server we have held close to for the last 5 years. We easily got 55 on CP, and got very close to 60, then sizes fell off a little bit due to the bots who raided our event. Additionally, our chat had hit 70-75  users online at one point, causing it to be divided into two pools. I would just like to shoutout Silverbug(Left the r out of his name because he doesn’t deserve it) for bringing stupid bots to our final event. General Fury scared away the bots from Toboggan as we claimed victory and we decided to switch servers to Southern Lights to continue our event.

I would like to say, I am very happy to have been a leader to all of you when I was in my prime. Believe it or not I learned so much from being in this army and leading you all. I saw many old faces today and to be honest it was quite refreshing and nostalgic. It brought the memories back, the memories of the time this community was actually fun. It is sad though that people still have nothing better to do with their lives than to ruin an army’s last event. But like in our golden days, we found ways to still have our event. Thank you to everyone who participated, you guys rock. Here are the pictures of today’s event, and for the last time, this is Vinny, AR Legend.



~ Vinny, AR Legend

3 Responses

  1. nice ar formation


  2. GJ ar i will miss ya


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