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    • 550,150 Ghosts have joined our empire.
  • Welcome to the Army Republic! We are one of the biggest and longest running armies in all of Club Penguin. We have two simple goals; to be the biggest we can possibly be, and to have fun!

    We hope you join us on our adventures on Club Penguin!

    -Army Republic Leaders

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Army Republic’s Official Ranks Page


Here you can find your find your name to see if you have been added to the ranks page or check to see if you got a promotion!

➡If you don’t see your name on here, ask a leader on our chat, by clicking here.

Tips for earning a promotion:

Attend as many battles as you can

Check the site daily for battle times

Do the tactics on Club Penguin for 20 seconds

Be nice to other soldiers on chat!



Dark Lord

 Sai Heifer || TheMemeBean

 Dread Lord 

Alisa 1102 | Nuggetpreet | Daniellak888

 Sith Lord 

Yank | Percy |  Posyhopper | Lolly

moderator 1.0 Sith Saber moderator 1.0

| Orange | Ragerobot | Coqui |

moderator 1.0 Sith Master moderator 1.0

moderator 1.0 Sith Marauder moderator 1.0


  Sith Apprentice 

Joker, Snickers, Flor

 Sith Warrior 

Rebel1, Spy, Midnight, Shu, PG, Ope34, Durantabeast35, Alderpaw, @li, Smoke2005, Woody, Isaiah

 Sith Regent  

RollerPro769 | Kiwawa | 

 Sith Knight 

 Sith Acolyte 


 Sith Initiate 

Penstar353, wasabi43440, cinderella76, RaymondSix, oinja, Tardispace, gillian2019, gam3pro100, Cam, Ryry1423, ccost17, Blue7football, Littestav, ilovepopcon3, coman9, malory, SpiderMan, XxWarriorXx, Balloian2004, ZynX, Rebel1, CSI, Cardjistu002, Emma, shineblack, Riya Jain, Skullanator, Rida, Kamalrock, Sirlemmonz, Willmiss, penguinsxddd, Cloe, itsyamainman, Molly70004,


122344a |


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